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Before Surgery


Healthcare Facilities have had plenty of challenges in recent times with pandemics and the daily difficulties of operating in uncertain times keeps administration in high gear all of the time. Costs are 

accelerating and the supply chain issues just don't stop.

Good News... there are plenty of options to cut your energy use and expenses by switching to LED Lighting and using Solar HVAC for heating and AC. Solar HVAC cuts heating costs by as much as 90% and cuts AC costs by 50 to 80% which certainly helps the bottom line.

​Onsite Power Production, Solar and Energy Storage cut utility costs and are more reliable than the grid. There are Tax Credits, Grants, Utility Company Rebates and other incentives. Waste heat from the onsite Power Production can be repurposed to pre-heat water for boilers, space heating or other heat needs, saving on a large expense while improving efficiency. Waste Heat repurposed... who knew?

If you have you been waiting to do an energy saving project... your timing is excellent. The rebates and incentives have never been better. 

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