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Rebates offer additional savings when doing an Energy Efficiency Project. They certainly help to reduce the cost of energy efficiency equipment and contribute to a better ROI. Processing the rebates is a tedious and time consuming process.

We take the burden of processing the rebates to get our partner customers the highest possible rebates and incentives.


Contact us for more information or get started by filling the form out below.

Rebate Processing Agreement

Utility Saving Solutions, Inc. (USS) provides utility company rebate processing for your installed and upcoming energy efficiency projects.  Rebates are processed for approved energy savings measures by your specific utility for a fee of up to 30% of the overall rebate approved by the utility company. USS will provide entry of the rebate, supply the Utility Company with the required forms, technical specifications and financial information to complete the rebate process.  USS will act as the primary payee in order to issue the appropriate funds for the overall rebate retaining the fee agreed to by the customer.  USS will provide the customer with an itemized ledger of financials as it relates to the rebate(s).  The typical lead time to receive rebate funds is 4-6 weeks after approval. Customer agrees to provide any information requested by USS to ensure timely and successful processing. Milestones of your rebate process will be communicated via email at the requested address provided by the customer.  Upon receipt of payment from the utility and fee assessed, the remaining amount is paid to the customer via check, ACH, or Direct Deposit.  

This agreement may only be amended in writing and agreed to by both parties in writing.  By signing this agreement, it is indicated that you are enlisting Utility Saving Solutions, Inc. to process the rebates associated with your project and agree to the terms and conditions stated above.  

Sliding Fee Scale

*Based on Approved Rebate Amount

<$5,000                                       30%

$5,001 - $10,000                         26%

$10,001 - $25,000                       20%

$25,000 - $50,000                       18%

>$50,001                                     15%

Preferred Contact Method
Supporting Documents
(Not Required to Begin Processing Your Rebate)
  • Project Estimate
  • New Equipment Make, Model, and Specification Sheets
  • Final Invoice
  • Payee Designation Form
  • Specification Sheets
  • W-9 Form (Commercial Only)
  • Energy Savings Calculations (for Custom Projects)
  • Baseline and Proposed Energy Use Calculations Demonstrating Pre and Post Project Energy Consumption Expected Annual Energy Savings (kWh), and peak demand reduction (dW).  If available, include spreadsheets, simulation files, and/or metered data
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