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Lighting Solutions

Lighting Your Way to a Better World

Utility Saving Solutions provides lighting audit, installation, and maintenance programs incorporating lighting retrofits to convert to a more efficient LED lighting retrofit or new fixture solution. Programs are tailored to each individual situation and we offer no money down options. We can show you how your savings on utility and maintenance costs are greater than the cost of switching to an LED solution. We can also integrate lighting management and lighting controls into your lighting maintenance program. We will assist you in getting additional savings that are offered through Utility Company Rebate programs or adding things like Occupancy Sensors to maximize your utility savings.


Indoor Lighting

Why Choose Utility Saving Solutions?



Trust USS Experienced Professionals for Your Install.

On Budget, On Time and Done Right.


Energy Efficient Quality Brands, cost-effective long life and backed by industry-leading warranties.



USS provides premier service all through your lighting retrofit project

and are still ready to provide service long after your install.

From Audit to Warranty

Your Single Source for a Seamless
Customer Experience

LED Wholesaler
Accurate Auditing Systems
Experienced Installation Technicians
Project Management
Fluorescent Bulb Recycling
Warranty Program

Lighting Installation

After completing the site survey and accepting the project proposal, it is time to install. Our team of trained professionals will ensure a safe, smooth and timely installation. Here is a list of typical products that we install.

  • Battery Backups

  • Exit Sign & Emergency Lighting

  • Fixtures
      Wall Packs, Parking Lot Lighting, High Bay, Flood Lights and more

  • Fluorescent Retrofit Kits

  • LED Lamps

  • LED Tubes

  • Retrofit Kits

Retrofit Solutions

Often a retrofit of traditional lighting can allow using the existing fixture with an LED Retrofit product which may cost less than a new fixture. Pricing for LED products including new fixtures have come down and a new fixture may be a better cost and value than a retrofit. It is also important to consider the Utility Company Rebates when switching from traditional lighting to LED. As an example there may be no rebate for using a retrofit solution while the new LED Fixture will qualify for a Utility Company Rebate. When the rebate is factored it may to more cost effective to use a new fixture. When it is appropriate to use a retrofit they offer a great value and since they reuse the old fixture they can reduce waste in landfills. Our goal is to give you the best solution for your particular lighting needs

Your Business In Your Hands

Smart Buildings. Smart Cities

We offer the AUDACY Wireless Lighting Control Systems.  The AUDACY System is an advanced turnkey solution for saving energy and meeting efficiency requirements using popular controls such as occupancy sensing, dimming and daylight harvesting.

High quality LED lighting solutions for economically retrofitting existing fixtures or using new fixtures for up to 80% energy and maintenance savings, while using DLC listed lighting products to qualify for available Power Company Rebates.  This is the first stage of a robust turnkey solution including the Lighting Retrofit, Energy Management App and Security Solutions including wired / wifi cameras.


Bulb Recycling Done Right


Renew your space with energy efficient LED lighting

and we will recycle your bulbs for FREE

if you become our Georgia Power Trade Ally Client! 


Our Vapor Vacuum Lamp Compactor is a waste collection and compacting system and can crush any length of fluorescent bulb while effectively recovering the hazardous mercury vapors.  On-site effective and efficient processing of old, unwanted bulbs including fluorescent, mercury vapor, and high pressure sodium lamps in the Georgia area. Disposal of various sizes including 4', 8', and U-Bend lamps available with no filling, taping, or mailing of boxes required. We come to your location with our vapor vacuum lamp compactor and dispose of your unwanted bulbs. Our process complies with OSHA, ACGIH, NIOSH, and European Clean-air standards. *Certificate of Proof of Destruction provided on completion of service.

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