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Rush Truck is the nation's largest provider of products and services for the commercial vehicle market. In addition to having the largest inventory of commercial trucks in North America, they also offer a wide array of services and are staffed by certified, highly skilled technicians who offer custom maintenance solutions. They offer a vast array of services and solutions from the smallest upfitting or installation of parts to complete engine repowers or custom engineered truck frames.

Lighting retrofits at the Rush Truck Centers include a comprehensive analysis of the lighting needs prior to the LED Retrofit. The LED Retrofit includes a photometric study to determine the best lighting products and locating of the lighting. This allows us to provide lighting that meets each specific customers needs. The interior and exterior traditional lighting, bulbs and/or fixtures are replaced with more energy efficient and cost-effective LED products. This updated lighting is a vast upgrade from the original lighting and will benefit the company for many years to come not only by the higher quality lighting provided but also in energy savings from the drastically reduced usage of electricity and maintenance.

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