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Smarter Security, Safer Buildings

Security Solutions

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One Central
Management Platform

No matter how many devices or locations are in your system, they are all controlled by a single, cloud based platform that give you full control.

Insights & Control

Access all system information and current activity for a comprehensive picture of what's going on anytime you want from where ever you like.

Automatic Updates
& New Features

Routine feature and security updates are automatically applied keeping your system secure and up-to-date.

Security Cameras

Cloud Connected Cameras


All-In-One Environmental Sensors for
Real Time Detection

Integrated Access Management

Cloud Connected Door Locks
and Card Readers


Live Access Feeds

Monitor activity with live real-time streaming video from any camera within the system. View activity based information that displays user identities and activity such as entering and exiting.


Features by Industry

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HIPPA Compliant Security for Increased Patient Safety

Healthcare Safety Features Include:

  • Privacy Screens

  • Person of Interest Alerts

  • After Hours Alerts

  • Face Blurring

  • People Heatmaps

  • Crowd Notifications

Allows administrators to centralize security across all facility locations and care centers.

Protects patient privacy and increases patient satisfaction.

Reduces liability risk and protects employees in the workplace.


Financial Institutions

Integrated Security for Bank and ATM Safety

Financial Institution Safety Features Include:

  • Sharable Live Video Feeds

  • After Hour Alerts

  • License Plate Recognition

  • Person of Interest Reports

  • Appearance Search Filters

  • Custom Door Schedules

Infinitely scalable system allows all facilities to be managed through one management system.

Effectively detect potential incidents and respond and resolve those incidents quickly and efficiently.

Minimize loss, increase asset protection, and get notified of unusual activity.

Seamless Security for Manufacturing & Logistics

Industrial Safety Features Include:

  • Link Link Sharing

  • After Hours Alerts

  • Unlimited Video Archiving

  • Person of Interest Alerts

  • People Heatmaps

  • Privacy Screens

Increases employee safety, efficiency, and compliance.

Centralized system allows all locations to be monitored from any online device.

Role-based access allows admins to configure users and user permissions to customize accounts for individual employees.

Integrated Security for Communities

Public Safety Features Include:

  • Live Link Sharing

  • After Hours Alerts

  • Unlimited Video Archiving

  • Person of Interest Alerts

  • Face Blurring

  • Privacy Screens

Local police and city authorities can leverage the system for faster incident response and proactive monitoring.

Easily integrated into existing or new smart city technology for a seamless advanced system.

Simplifies the management and response time of city employees to increase effectiveness.


Restaurants & Food Safety

Integrated Security for Restaurants & Food Safety

Restaurant Safety Features Include:

  • Live Link Sharing

  • After Hours Alerts

  • Temperature Monitoring

  • Person of Interest Alerts

  • People Heatmaps

  • Custom Door Schedules

Configure custom access levels and user accounts so team members can manage security independently at seperate locations.

Easily and efficiently manage inventory and control food cost at multiple locations.

Monitor and ensure compliance with health code standards.

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Educational Facilities

Integrated Security for Educational Facilities

Campus Safety Features Include:

  • Live Link Sharing

  • Instant Door Lockdown

  • Crowd Notifications

  • Person of Interest Alerts

  • Vape & Smoke Detection

  • Camera Tampering Alerts

Proactive monitoring provides a safer school environment for students and faculty.

Infinite scalability to cover all aspects of a school district.

Audit logs allow visibility into system usage for compliance and internal control and monitoring.