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Electric & Gas

Electric and Gas Utilities can both benefit from our Distributed Generation systems. Electric Companies can place mCHP Systems, Energy Storage and Solar at their current customers. The Utility still bills the customer for power used while reducing the load on the grid. Energy Storage and Solar can also be utilized with the system to supply power to your customer and you can build a reliable backup power production and energy storage microgrid with a much lower cost and quicker implementation than building traditional centralized power plants. Harness the future of Unlimited On-Site Primary Power & Energy Storage that's safe and reliable.

Gas Companies have a tremendous opportunity with our mCHP systems.  A gas company can rely on us to do the mCHP install, preventative maintenance and warranty service. Our mCHP Onsite, Primary Power Production units use Natural Gas that provides increased revenue fo the Gas Company. This is a great symbiotic relationship that benefits your existing customers and is a good way to add new revenue.

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