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Solar Panels Technicians

Warranty & Preventive Maintenance Technician

A Maintenance Technician, or Maintenance Mechanic, is in charge of performing ongoing preventive maintenance, troubleshooting issues, and completing repairs on existing equipment. Duties include maintaining manufacturers warranty scheduled maintenance, fixing systems should the need arise through warranty, heating determinations and wiring, inspecting sites to confirm safety standards and scheduling major repairs with the building’s facilities management.

About the Role


  • Performing routine preventive maintenance at installed sites executing punch-list items and assessing site and/or equipment for structural damage

  • Repairing broken or defective parts as required by manufacturer and sourcing necessary components to complete repair

  • Working on damaged electrical wiring when a shortage or severed wire occurs

  • Maintaining the buildings MCHP, Solar, and/or HVAC equipment in order to keep power production at the facility functioning properly while performing general maintenance or during a warranty call.

  • Applying preventative measures to the equipment to reduce the risk of future problems

  • Fixing potential safety hazards to avoid injuries.

  • Procurement of needed equipment in a timely manner to perform preventive maintenance on schedule and with required components and any additional parts as needed for emergency repairs.


  • A Maintenance Technician requires a diverse mix of both hard and soft skills, particularly manual labor skills

  • HVAC and/or electrical knowledge to address problems

  • Electrical wiring capabilities to manage problems with the building’s electricity

  • Carpentry ability to handle basic repairs related to installed equipment

  • Interpersonal skills to interact with employees or residents of the building in a pleasant manner

  • Attention to detail to ensure that all jobs are completed in an exemplary manner and any potential hazards or warning signs of problems are not overlooked

  • Physical stamina to handle a full shift of being active and working on energy systems and components.

  • Valid Drivers License

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